Contactless Smartcard Reader

Keyscan‘s 13.56 MHz contactless smartcard reader offers users the convenience of a contactless credential with the enhanced security that only a smartcard reader and credential combination can offer.

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Contactless Smartcard Reader & Keypad

Keyscan‘s 13.56 frequency reader and keypad offers users the same convenience of K-SMART enhanced security but in a reader/keypad combination. It features support for smartcard security and encryption, a built in 'heartbeat' monitors reader communication, advising end-users if any type of tamper or malfunction is detected.

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iCLASS SE Readers with SEOS

Leading edge SEOS technology powers access control future

These new Keyscan readers feature SEOS® technology that represent the new standard in access control. Highly secure and able to support HID Mobile Access®, this advanced reader will support innovation in access control now and in the future.

SEOS® is a breakthrough credential technology that represents a new way of thinking about end-user experiences. Solutions that are powered by SEOS offer the freedom to use your device of choice-from smartcards to smartphones-for secure access to more applications with the confidence of best-in-class security and privacy protection.

The Keyscan iCLASS SEOS readers only function with the Keyscan I8KSEOS iCLASS SEOS credentials. Plus, with programming, they are NFC and/or BLE mobile ready for use with HID mobile credentials.

These Keyscan iCLASS SEOS readers are available in standard mode or NFC & BLE ready models for mobile credential usage:

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Ultra-high frequency long-range reader solution for secure parking and gate control

The Keyscan iCLASS KU90UHF reader offers long-range solutions for parking and gate control. Featuring advanced encryption technology that delivers secure, ultra-high frequency (UHF) solutions that function seamlessly with Keyscan access control systems. It offers a read range of up to five meters and supports the ability to combine building access with parking and gate control on a single card or fob.

Featuring SEOS® technology that represents the new standard in access control. Highly secure and able to support HID Mobile Access®, this advanced reader will support innovation in access control now and in the future.

The KU90UHF reader functions only with Keyscan KIUHF (UHF only) Keyscan KI4KSEUHF (iCLASS SE & UHF) UHF credentials.

An optional windshield-mounted credential holder (part: WSHLDMT) is available for semi-permanent mounting onto your windshield.

Features and Benefits:

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iCLASS SE Readers

(New installations only)

Keyscan iCLASS SE is a new access control platform best suited for new installations. Keyscan iCLASS SE goes beyond the traditional smartcard model to offer a secure identity data structure based on Secure Identity Object™ (SIO), a new portable credential methodology.

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iCLASS SE Legacy Readers & Credentials

Featuring iCLASS backwards compatibility

Keyscan iCLASS SE Legacy readers and credentials make access control more versatile and provide security through encryption and mutual authentication between the card and reader. The iCLASS SE Legacy and corresponding SR credentials are designed to function with installations in conjunction with previously installed iCLASS environments. Keyscan’s iCLASS SE legacy readers are user-friendly and deliver the convenience and reliability of proximity technology.

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If you purchased Keyscan iCLASS readers and credentials between June 2005 and November 2013 this legacy product will function with existing Keyscan Elite Key iCLASS readers and credentials.