Keyscan Aurora

Elegant in design, comprehensive in scope, Aurora`s "people management" interface transcends the ordinary. Attach multiple photos, assign multiple credentials, schedule visitor appointments, view individual transactions, and much more. All from one convenient interface screen.

Keyscan Testimonials

Re-defining access control management software, Aurora is the culmination of over a quarter century of Keyscan's commitment to innovation and forward thinking. Innovation and forward thinking that elevates Aurora to the top of its class with enhanced features and capabilities, a 'people-centric' interface, even selectable login options, and much more. Aurora, the software solution exceeding the demands of small, mid-size and truly large access control installations. For more about Aurora, view the videos below.

Dormakaba ISC West 2016

Dormakaba highlights complementary product portfolios. Smart access begins with dormakaba.
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Security Systems News SSN Media Stage ISC West 2016

Steve Dentinger, VP Electronic Access and Data discusses dormakaba merger and highlights how smart access begins with dormakaba.
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Dormakaba showcases our complementary product portfolios and product offerings from key names, including: RCI, Best, Keyscan, Kaba and Dorma.
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Keyscan highlights new Aurora version with E-Plex wireless lock integration.
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ISC West 2015

Keyscan highlights new Aurora active directory and wireless lock integration.
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Aurora Dazzles at ISC West

Aurora solidifies Keyscan's reputation for innovation and forward thinking in access control.
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Aurora Delivers a Whole New Experience

Aurora - the dawn of a new age in access conrol.
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