BLE Proximity Reader

A cost-effective BLE reader solution, with the ability to function with both physical and mobile credentials, K-SMART3 makes the ideal choice for new Keyscan installations and existing system upgrades and retrofits.

Supports Keyscan Mobile and Physical Credentials

The K-SMART3 reader series is a versatile reader that supports Keyscan mobile credentials as well as K-SECURE 1K/4K physical credentials. Its support for physical credentials allows K-SMART3 to function with existing Keyscan systems using legacy K-SMART readers.

K-SMART3 offers unrivalled performance and reliability when coupled with K-SECURE credential series featuring proprietary 36-bit formats for enhanced reader and credential encryption. It also offers dedicated functions that are exclusive to Keyscan access control systems including LED indicators for Lockdown and Present3 activation as well as heartbeat and reader tamper.

Benefits of K-SMART3:

Keyscan K-SMART3 BLE Proximity Readers are now available at your preferred distributor.

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