Centrally Managed Access Control

Keyscan's Centrally Managed Access Control (CMAC) has revolutionized access control as a service. Our centrally managed solution provides a wide range of new features and conveniences.

Keyscan Aurora Access Control Management Software

Centrally Managed Access Control

With our new ‘cloud-based’ approach to access control, our renowned software is now fully hosted through ‘the cloud’. This offers you the ultimate in convenience allowing you to manage your system from any Internet enabled device or smartphone, at any time, from any location using Web modules available for Keyscan access control management software platforms.

This new approach eliminates much of the computer infrastructure typically required for access control systems and the dedicated staff needed to manage it - considerably lowering your expenditures.

There are no compromises in performance, ease of operation or security. In fact, you gain true mobility with this cloud-based service combined with unmatched scalability that will support your access control needs well into the future.