Case Studies

Read how companies, organizations, and institutions have benefited from a Keyscan access control system. From saving money, by eliminating the need to replace door locks for lost or stolen keys, to creating systematically-controlled and fully-monitored environments, Keyscan systems offer real solutions to the everyday security issues we all face.

Case Studies


City of Abbotsford

The city of Abbotsford currently has Keyscan systems installed in 20 buildings, including fire halls... Read more >>


Niagara Catholic District School Board

The Keyscan system has given the schools the ability to keep all perimeter doors locked during school hours, ensuring the safety of the students... Read more >>


Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital

Hospital security is always a sensitive issue. Ensuring people's safety when they are at their most vulnerable is never an easy task. The Keyscan system solved unique issues for all user groups... Read more >>

Hartgrove Hospital

A behavioral health hospital faces a unique set of security challenges. It requires a full security solution that is flexible and reliable to address a wide range of security issues. For Hartgrove Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, the choice to go with a Keyscan access control system to provide this full solution was clear from the very beginning... Read more >>

Williamson Medical

Twelve hundred doors secured by Keyscan. "Our Keyscan system has saved us time, it makes for a much safer environment, and our personnel feel much safer than they did before" says Mr. Segal, Director of Security... Read more >>


Total Bank

The very nature of banking is based on trust. Trust that the banking institution will protect its customers' money and their confidential data. For that precise reason bank security is and always has been a top priority... Read more >>



Since the installation, UFC has put the entire Keyscan system to the test. It serves multiple buildings; it integrates well with other existing systems and it keeps up with expansion objectives. The system has solved UFC's challenge... Read more >>